Mike McLellan

Mike McLellan

Mike McLellan

When Song And Danceman was released in 1974, Mike McClellan was already an established performer on the acoustic music scene. That song topped the charts, bringing him national recognition and a following that has remained loyal to his highly personal brand of music for over 40 years. For those who had already experienced his talent his first hit single did no more than reinforce what they already knew: that he was one of the best songwriters to emerge from this country in many years and among it’s most talented singer/guitarists.


And now in July 2017 comes No Intermission, his third new album since returning fulltime to recording and performing six years ago. Reviewing the album Steve Britt in Rhythms magazine writes “I regard this album as the strongest of his latter-day albums and easily the equal of his 70’s work.”


This album will no doubt bring forth more McClellan gems to add to his list of classics – SONG AND DANCEMAN, THE ONE I LOVE, SATURDAY DANCE and ROCK’N ROLL LADY and I WONDER WHO YOU’RE WAITING FOR – all of which have earned him an honoured place in the history of Australian music.


Mike’s early career spanned the 70’s and into the 80’s, and brought chart-topping songs and gold albums – plus his own national ABC TV series which he hosted for four years.


He tired of the road in the mid 80s and poured his creative energies into the marketing and advertising industries.  But the yearning to return to his first love couldn’t be ignored and in 2011 he came back with an album of brand new songs, If only for a moment… and again began to play concerts and folk festivals across the country.


That all three new albums sustain the exceptional quality of his much-loved early work, while richly reflecting his growth as a writer, is ample testimony to Mike’s enduring talent.


Carmel Glover, writing after one of Mike’s Brisbane concerts said, “I was amazed and delighted to find you were better than ever.  You should be declared a national treasure.”

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