Chasin’ The Train

Chasin’ The Train

Chasin’ The Train

Kevin Bennett: vocals, guitar; Kirk Lorange: slide guitar, vocals; Ian Lees: bass; Mark Meyer: drums.


As a result of an ‘enforced hiatus’ on members of Aussie rock band Moving Pictures in the mid 80’s, Chasin The Train was formed when Mark Meyer, Ian Lees and Kevin Bennett decided to put together a ‘covers’ outfit to fill the void and to simply have some fun along the way.

Kevin Bennett…….”Mark knew Kirk, who was already becoming a local legend on the Sydney music scene and approached him to play in our new venture. So, after initial meetings to discuss repertoire, direction, and the naming of the band (Mark Meyer christened us ‘Chasin The Train’ after the John Coltrane bio that he was reading at the time), we were away. Once we felt the power of ‘The Train’ there was no going back ! Along with a fanatical & loyal following, we created some legendary ‘Sunday Residencies’ (referred to by devotees as ‘Church’) at The Cat and Fiddle, The Bayview Tavern and of course The Bridge Hotel

– all foundations of the Sydney Blues Music scene – all this in a decade known more for hairdos than music, we tore up the 80’s”!


Seeing ‘The Train’ was a ‘hands down religious experience’ with a set that was as robust & honest as the working class pubs they played in. It was a no bullshit, uncompromising passion for music slamming head on with a love of playing for their fans that caused this 4-piece outfit to be loved by many and acclaimed nationally. Their eclectic mix of bluesy, rockin’ soul was / is a funky-gumbo recipe for a good time !


Kevin Bennett…….”Kirk and I have a thing that just works – he does the hard stuff and I do the easy stuff and when it comes together along with the best rhythm section around in Mark and Ian, there’s a complete ‘other’ thing created and we turn into ‘The Train’ – a very special sum of  4 distinct parts.”

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