Wang Chung came out of the post-punk, New Wave scene in the UK going on to achieve global success, selling millions of records. Throughout their 35 year career they have released 6 albums and 2 Greatest Hits compilations. They have had 6 US Top 40 hits including a number 1 and other international smash hits including “Dance Hall Days” and “Let’s Go”, and achieved cult status with their soundtrack for William Friedkin’s movie “To Live and Die in LA”.

Wang Chung became part of the contemporary culture of North America.  Their huge smash “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, with its now famous line ‘Everybody Wang Chung Tonight’ saw the invention of a new US verb; ‘to Wang Chung’, the band being name-checked by everyone from Homer Simpson, Austin Powers, 2 and a Half Men’s Charlie and Alan Harper, Top Gear’s James May and Richard Hammond, to Frasier Crane.

More recently their music has also featured in TV shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad amongst many others.


1977 – Jack (vocalist/guitarist) and Nick (bassist/guitarist) formed the core duo of Wang Chung, under the initial guise of 57 Men featuring future Heaven 17 vocalist, Glenn Gregory and Bow Wow Wow Bassist Leigh Gorman.

1979 – Hues, Feldman and drummer Darren Costin rechristened themselves Huang Chung.

1980 – Released three live tracks on indie label 101 Records. They released two singles on indie, Rewind Records, gaining their first ever radio play on John Peel with ‘Isn’t It About Time We Were On TV?’. Soon after Arista Records signed them to a two-album deal in early 1981.

1982 – Their self-titled debut, produced by Rhett Davies (Roxy Music), was released by Arista Records in 1982 after several profile raising singles. In late 1982, Huang Chung convinced Arista to let them go, and they signed with American label Geffen Records. They changed the spelling of their name to Wang Chung (at David Geffen’s suggestion, to make pronunciation easier).

1984 – Their Abbey Road Studios recorded album ‘Points on the Curve’ yielded two US hits, ‘Don’t Let Go’ and ‘Dance Hall Days’. It was produced by Chris Hughes/Ross Cullum (Adam and The Ants/Tears For Fears). With their first worldwide smash hits in the bag, Wang Chung extensively toured the album in Europe, the US and Canada, with The Cars and The Romantics, becoming a staple for the new MTV platform with their first videos.

1985 – Wang Chung recorded “Fire in the Twilight” for John Hughes’ seminal film ‘The Breakfast Club’.

1986 – They recorded their Peter Wolf (Frank Zappa) produced third album ‘Mosaic’ which spawned arguably their biggest hits: The Number One ‘Everybody Have Fun Tonight’ and Top 10 ‘Let’s Go’. Their final US Top 40 single from the album was ‘Hypnotize Me’, which was also featured on the soundtrack of the 1987 Spielberg film ‘Innerspace’. Once again they toured the world to support these new hits, both on their own and in support to artists like Tina Turner.

1989 – Saw the release of ‘The Warmer Side Of Cool’ album, spawning hit single ‘Praying To A New God’

1997 – ‘Everybody Wang Chung Tonight: Wang Chung’s Greatest Hits’, released, including brand new track ‘Space Junk’.

2002 – Saw the release of their second Greatest Hits collection: ‘20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Wang Chung’


Wang Chung is the newest addition to the Cruise N Groove 2017 line up, after Paul Young announced he is unable to appear due to a scheduling conflict in the UK. Wang Chung who will also perform with Cutting Crew for an experience on board not to be forgotten!

Limited cabins are still available for purchase on Cruise N Groove 2017. Call your local Cruiseco Agent or our office on 1300 247 371 for further information.

By Caitlin Manov

I am the Project Manager for Choose Your Cruise, and have been working for CYC since 2011! I have since had over 250 days at sea and love working in such a diverse work environment that combines music and travel. I also love to write, and you may even catch me around the ship interviewing some of your favourite acts on board. If you have a question you would like me to ask them, you can email me caitlin@chooseyourcruise.com.au for the hard hitting questions!!

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