The Troggs

The Troggs

The Troggs

Who can forget “Wild Thing”? The Troggs have always been remembered for this 60s anthem, but it is just one of their many worldwide hits. “With A Girl Like You”, “I Can’t Control Myself”, “Anyway That You Want Me”, “Give It To Me”  “Love Is All Around”& ‘’Night of the Long Grass’’ They all followed in rapid succession to give The Troggs world-wide acclaim. Dubbed by many as the “first British punk band” they have continued playing in their own uncompromising style of good basic rock music.

Never strangers to controversy, many of their records were considered by the “powers that be” too suggestive for the masses, and they consequently banned them. How anybody could judge Reg Presley’s tongue-in-cheek delivery to be dangerous to the morals of the young is hard to believe.

The Troggs still boast one of the original founder members -Chris Britton on lead guitar. They are now joined by Chris Allen (stepping in the shoes of Reg Presley), Pete Lucas on bass and Dave Maggs on drums being a long established rhythm section. Their popularity has never waned and they are still in great demand both in the UK and the rest of Europe, where they regularly headline festivals attracting thousands of fans. Their appeal hold no age barriers, fans ranging from the stalwarts who have supported them throughout the years to the many new fans from the younger generation.

Now, in 2016, The Troggs are very much a “cult” band. Polygram in the USA and UK released a 52 track CD box set, and Castle Music Pictures and Polygram co-operated to produce a video spanning twenty six years of great Troggs music.

Following a series of strokes and a diagnoses of lung cancer at the end of 2011 Reg Presley regretfully decided to retire from performing and gave the band his blessing to carry on with new vocalist, Chris Allen, also a 60’s veteran having performed with The Animals, Denny Laine Band ( Wings / Moody Blues) , The Commitments, Silson, Spencer, Hawkes Band ( Ex- Smokie & Tremeloes) & Lt.Pigeon.

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