Scott ‘Buddy’ Cameron

Scott ‘Buddy’ Cameron

Scott ‘Buddy’ Cameron

“Scott Cameron is a joy to watch in the lead role. He completely throws himself into the part, sometimes seeming to channel Buddy Holly himself.” – The Courier Mail
“Scott Cameron does an amazing job of re-creating the Buddy Holly persona. He not only sings the songs with the characteristics that are synonymous with Holly he also plays the guitar riffs with blinding accuracy.” –

“Cameron has a strong presence and a great voice belting out song after song with apparent ease, he is a more than capable actor with a good sense of timing and a admirable turn on the texan accent.” – Sydney Morning Herald

It all began in 2004 having answered an ad in the local newspaper hosting auditions for Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. Beating out over 800 applicants for the lead role, Scott “Buddy” Cameron continues a legacy, so far notching up over 1000 performances as Buddy Holly, we celebrate his career thus far.

Buddy Holly was one of the greatest pioneers of Rock and Roll music in the 50’s. His career spanned only two short years before the day the music died, but leaving behind one of the biggest musical legacies and a wealth of material that had a lasting impact on popular music. One Australian artist has become synonymous with the name ‘BUDDY’ around the world.

Now 29, Scott “Buddy” Cameron – as he is known – found his calling a decade ago. His uncanny look and eerily similar voice has transformed Scott to become the single most recognised Buddy Holly performer in the world and receiving the support of Buddy Holly’s family and friends and rave reviews for his portrayal of the 50’s legend in the International smash hit musical Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story in which he has played the lead role in several productions staged from 2004 through to 2009. Scott also toured internationally with “Memories Of Buddy Holly” and several other productions from 2006 to present.

“Over the past 12 years, I’ve been very lucky to continue to play the part of a Man who inspired me in so many ways,” says Scott. “I have to keep reminding myself that my life is not a dream and this has really happened, I feel like the luckiest person alive and so blessed to be doing what I love more than anything and keeping alive the legacy of the Man who inspired me”.

In 2010, Scott started touring the country playing the Holly role in the popular concert productions staged by Happy Days records including Elvis Meets Buddy alongside Doug Parkinson, The Class of 59 with Lonnie Lee, 2011’s Buddy: The Concert tour and 2012’s Buddy ‘N’ Roy and 2014’s Buddy: The Concert – 10 Year Anniversary of Scott Buddy Cameron.

Scott is humbled to have been accepted and even endorsed by the family and friends of his idol. Peggy Sue personally describes Scott as “the closest she has ever seen – it sends chills down my spine how close he is.” Hit maker, Bob Montgomery, who wrote the Holly song ‘Heartbeat’ and was in Buddy’s first band describes Scott as “the best there is, a brilliant guitarist, a great voice, his performance is as electric as ever.”

Starting at six years of age, Scotts career has seen him sharing the stage with the likes of Glen Shorrock (Little River Band), Brian Cadd, Tommy and Phil Emmanuel, Slim Dusty, Ross Wilson, Jade Hurley, Keith Urban, Little Patty, The Drifters, The Deltones, Doug Parkinson, Lonnie Lee, to name a few. He has performed to thousands and bagged three International song-writing awards and a nomination for a Helpmann award for Best Male Actor in a Musical.
So c’mon and have a BUDDY good time!

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