Rusty and The Ayres Rockettes

Rusty and The Ayres Rockettes

Rusty and The Ayres Rockettes

In 1982, Rusty and the Ayers Rockettes started out as a 3 piece in Brisbane with Rusty Hammerstrom, Hoola Hooper on lead guitar and Gary Jackson on the bass.

The following year, Daryl Mitchell was added to the line up on lead guitar and Petrina Tonkin joined the band on the drums.

Several months later, Marlon Holden replaced Jackson on the bass guitar and the 5 piece band line up toured throughout Queensland, NSW, Tasmania and S. Australia for the next two years.

In 1985, RATAR became FM104’s station band performing for their Summer Hummer beach promotions and several FM104 Rock Cruises with P&O lines. That year, the band also scored a sponsorship with XXXX Brewery.

Alan Cameron had replaced Mitchell on the other lead guitar and Peter Clarke was the new drummer in the band in 1986.

In early 1987, Keith Urban took over from Hoola Hooper on lead guitar and the group remained with that lineup for several years.

In 1989,Rusty added Brisbane musicians ,David Lee on the fiddle along with Vic Kena, Stuart Murphy, Dave Ritter and others joining the band at one time or another and the band continued to tour until 1991 when Rusty moved his family to Florida to build and open an Australian restaurant and pub, “The Great Australian Beach Bar” in Grayton Beach Florida. Several years later, Rusty also opened “Kangaroo Jacks Outback Pub” in Destin Florida.

Many of Rusty’s musician friends from Brisbane came over to Destin to work at his Pubs to keep an authentic Australian theme going strong through the 90’s.

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