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Pete Denahy

Pete Denahy

Pete Denahy released a comedy album in 2014 which featured songs about over use of mobile phones, selfies, food and flatulence. The songs from this record have delighted and disgusted a wide range of people which seems to suit Denahy. But for all that, people of all ages enjoy his show.

He manages to present a show that showcases comedy and his love of bluegrass music with his home town of Yackandandah referred to in many songs.

2015 saw a new bluegrass record from Pete – Singin’ Shoes- made with love alongside some of his favourite musicians in Melbourne where a great bunch of players is emerging in the world of acoustic picking.

Pete’s loves are of course his hand built instruments, his horses, saving dough on every day items, Japanese food and picking tunes with friends old and new.

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