Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell

With the 2014 release of Owen Campbell’s album, The Pilgrim, Owen showcased his bluesy vocals

and smoky delivery serving up images of a veteran blues guitarist and singer, with a touch of The

Band’s Robbie Robertson mixed in. This was the gateway that has allowed Owen to expound upon

his many talents and keep you coming back for more.

Campbell defies easy categorization, he’s a slide guitarist, a songwriter, banjo player, blues singer,

busker, and more. The sort of performer you would expect to find in New Orleans blues joints, but

in fact, Campbell’s roots are in Canberra, Australia, not New Orleans. While he’s performed and

toured internationally for more than seven years, Campbell first strummed a guitar at age 9, a gift

from his musician father that launched his musical journey.

The 30-year-old Campbell’s strongest musical influences were blues-rock musicians from America

and the U.K. – and his own household. “My father was a big influence,” he says. “But so were Bob

Dylan, Van Morrison, The Band, and the Rolling Stones. I always liked the way The Band brought

variety and diversity to their sound. So my sound has bits of country, soul, Celtic, and rock. I love

the variations.”

All three of Owen’s commercial releases have peaked at #1 on the Australian ITunes Blues Charts

and Sunshine Road peaked at #1 on the overall Australian ITunes charts. Sunshine Road and The

Pilgrim also between them peaked at #1 on the Sweden, Greece, New Zealand and Canadian

ITunes Blues Charts.

2015 has proved to be a great year for Owen as he continues sharing his music with his fans in

Australia but also allowing him to cross-promote in the USA. During the week of July 11, Owen

had all three of his albums in the top 20 of the Australian Blues Charts. Additionally, two of his

songs garnered air time in the USA television on ESPN College Baseball. Continuing his stride in

the USA, Owen recorded a new album in Memphis produced by Devon Allman (of the famous

Allman music family) and mixed by Grammy Award winner Tom Hambridge (Buddy Guy). The

much anticipated album is set for Worldwide release in early 2016

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