James Blundell

James Blundell

James Blundell

ARIA and CMAA Award winner, James Blundell, returns with “Come On In” – his first album in four years to be released August 21.

2014 was viewed as a rebirth of sorts for Blundell. He spent the year focusing on writing new material and thanks to modern technology, he commenced working with producers and musicians from around the globe including Canada, Germany, USA and Australia without having to leave his farm in  Stanthorpe QLD. Working this way afforded him the luxury to take his time shaping the sound he  wanted the album to reflect.

“I clocked up the half century in 2014 and along with a sense of relief at still being alive, came a beautiful calm of no longer needing to prove anything to myself. Far from complacency, I’ve finally embraced the freedom of technology which allows me to record wherever and whenever I feel the urge. For the first time, there is the ability to sit with a track once it’s finished and decide whether or not it is at its best before releasing. Again for the first time in 28 years, I’ve got the opportunity to listen to a vocal and determine if it is the right interpretation of the idea and if not, I can have another go”.

The result is ten stunning tracks all unique in their own way both musically and lyrically thanks to collaborations with writers including Lianna Rose, Donna Dean, Hughie Murray and Kim Richey. ARIA Award nominee Fiona Kernaghan teams up with James on Jac Stone’s blues-roots song “Bones”, while Dannielle DeAndrea’s impressive vocals features on “Walk Another Mile”. Lawrie Minson, Bec Lavelle, Aleyce Simmons and Rose Tattoo’s Dai Pritchard also appear on the new record.

“Thematically it’s about celebrating the ‘now’ in life, and musically a more casual three piece approach with quite a lot of experimentation instrumentally”, says Blundell.

Acknowledged by many as the act that single-handedly shaped modern Australian country music by infusing his influences of John Mellencamp, The Band and The Angels with the storytelling ethos of Slim Dusty and his lyrical insight, sharp wit and empathy for the average working man. This combined with his handsome good looks and country charm ensured there was no stopping his success across all demographics.

The career of James Blundell is nothing short of phenomenal: a string of platinum albums and awards plus top 10 pop chart success turned the former cattle hand into a household name. But like so many

talented artists, Blundell refused to be put in a box musically and after numerous heated meetings with his then record label, he walked away from the music business for six years. He returned in 2005 with the independent release “Deluge” which proved he still had plenty to offer. He has since released the acclaimed albums “Ring Around The Moon”, “Portrait of A Man” and “Woolshed Creek”.

The first two singles from “Come On In” – “Hills of Brisbane” and “Casuarina” have been overwhelmingly received by media and fans alike with many commenting on the change in musical direction for James. The third and fourth singles, “Goodbye Grey” and “Bones” are both released July 31.

On “Come On In”, James Blundell invites the listener in to his world to rediscover the joy of music and evoke powerful emotions while experiencing the colours of life through the voice of this truly unique Australian artist.

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