Absolutely 80s

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Absolutely 80s

Absolutely 80s

It’s the 1980’s…..Think back…What were you doing?

It’s the era when shoulder pads were hip & lunches were tax deductable  ,we watched Hey Hey it’s Saturday  and Countdown, and pub rock was huge 7 days a week!

Look out the 80’s are back in 2016 with three of the best Aussie pop icons from the 80s, creating epic 80s flashbacks.

The Absolutely 80s Show  – featuring  Brian Mannix (Uncanny Xmen),  Scott Carne (Kids in the Kitchen)  Paul Gray ( Wa Wa Nee ) and – highlights one of the most creative eras of Australian bands and Music. playing their big hits , Everybody want to work,Change in mood, Stimulation, 50 years  , Current stand , Suger Free just to name a few .

It’s the 80’s Reunion Party not to be missed. So dust off your best 80s gear and get ready to dance, party and reminisce – catch the biggest and best Australian 80’s stars together in one big show.

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