Suzi Quatro, fourth of five children, born under the sign of Gemini, June 3rd, 1950, in Detroit Michigan.

She was raised in a musical family, including 3 sisters and one brother, who all played various instruments. Suzi herself made her debut on stage playing bongo’s in her father’s jazz band, the art Quatro trio.

From an early age she studied classical piano and percussion, then aged 14, began an all-girl band with elder sister Patti, called the pleasure seekers. Suzi was ‘told’ she would be playing bass guitar, which was as tall as her! She a quickly became the lead singer and front person.

This band toured for 7 years, very successfully, releasing a few singles along the way, then changed their name to cradle in 1969. It was in this band, a couple of years later, that Mickie most, (producer) came to a concert, and offered Suzi a solo contract. She flew to England in 1971 to begin her journey to fame. Soon after Suzi began working with now legendary songwriters Chinn and Chapman (Mike Chapman also produced), which resulted the huge hit, Can the Can, which went to number one in May 1973, and went on to sell two and a half million copies worldwide.

Between 1973 and 1980, Suzi Quatro featured in the British charts for no less than 101 weeks, and has sold to date over 55 million records, and still counting. Her hits include, 48 Crash, Too Big, Devil Gate Drive, Daytona Demon, The Wild One, She’s in Love with You, Mama’s Boy, If You Can’t Give Me Love, Rock Hard, and a million seller in the U.S.A, ‘Stumblin In’ a duet with Chris Norman.

In January 1999, started Suzi’s radio career with BBC radio 2, which is ongoing today.  She has done her own weekly programs, and many special documentaries including Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Patsy Cline, and a recent special on her home town of Detroit.  She has met, interviewed or played on stage with most of her hero’s. Suzi is a very popular D.J. even being nominated for music broadcaster of the year at the Sony Radio Awards in 2006

Unzipped, Suzi’s autobiography was released in 2007 and has done extremely well worldwide, getting to number 2 in the Australian charts where she continues to tour.

Her current album which came out on March 29, 2019, No Control, is charting all around the world and critics are raving. This collaboration was done with her son Richard Tuckey who co-wrote most of the tracks and played guitar.  It is one of her finest albums, self-produced, organic, and she has come home!

In October 2019, Suzi performed for Rock the Boat fans for the first time on board our fastest selling cruise of all time. It was a rocking 7 nights at sea, so good we had to do it all over again with her for the first ever SUPER CRUISE in November 2021! We can’t wait to have her back on board, and here’s a video with some incredible footage of our new home, Ovation of the Seas to get the party started:


Her famous quote says it all.

“I will retire when I go onstage, shake my ass, and there is silence’


By Caitlin Manov

I am the Project Manager for Choose Your Cruise, and have been working for CYC since 2011! I have since had over 250 days at sea and love working in such a diverse work environment that combines music and travel. I also love to write, and you may even catch me around the ship interviewing some of your favourite acts on board. If you have a question you would like me to ask them, you can email me for the hard hitting questions!!
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