New Caledonia’s Isle of Pines is located 50 kilometres south-east of Grand Terre; a 20-minute flight from Noumea. Measuring just 18 kilometres by 14 kilometres, the Isle of Pines features pristine beaches and unspoiled bays to take your breath away. Known to the locals as ‘Kuni,’ the Isle of Pines is a little bit of paradise in the South Pacific.

Here are the top activities for travellers exploring New Caledonia’s Isle of Pines.

Things To Do

  • Snorkelling in Isle of Pines
  • Maurice Bay is the perfect place to swim or snorkel in crystal clear, calm waters. Beginner snorkelers may prefer the shallow waters of the Oro natural pool near Oro Bay, located just a short walk from La Meridien Resort. Also near Oro Bay is a traditional fish reserve popular with snorkelers due to its protected waters and abundance of brightly coloured fish. Wear protective footwear and keep an eye out for submerged rays hiding in shallow water. There are locals on the island who can provide you with snorkel hire sets from AUD$25-30 per person for approximately 4 hours, however we would personally recommend purchasing your own snorkel sets and bringing them with you from home.

  • New Caledonia boasts the world’s second largest coral reef. Dive enthusiasts will be delighted with the calm, clear conditions and the colourful dive sites surrounding the Isle of Pines. At the northern end of the Isle of Pines is Gadji Pass, an ideal dive site, where you’ll discover a sheer wall in the Gogonia Valley, which drops from 10 metres to 35 metres and boasts colourful underwater scenery. The Devil’s Grotto or Satan’s Cave, accessible via a narrow corridor underwater, will amaze even the most experienced divers.

  • The Isle of Pines offers spectacular self-guided walks and cycling tours. Visit the small village of Vao and see the statue of Saint Maurice in St Maurice Bay, where the island’s first Catholic service was held when missionaries made their presence felt in 1848 and the local Kanaks added their own protective totems of serpents, turtles and eagles carved from tree trunks. Hike to the highest point of the island, at 262 metres, Pic Nga. Explore limestone caves, including Paradise Cave that features a beautiful lake.

  • Image by April Josie Studios
  • On the southern tip of the Isle of Pines in the South Pacific, outside the Barrier Reef, lies a tiny atoll known as Nokanhui. In this idyllic spot, with only the sea birds and an occasional butterfly for company, you can spend an entire day, fishing or reading or simply lazing around.

By Caitlin Manov

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