2019 Music Cruise VIP Experience + FAQ’s

2019 Music Cruise VIP Experience + FAQ’s

2019 Music Cruise VIP Experience + FAQ’s

Available on board Cruisin’ Country, Rock the Boat and Bravo 2019 – this brand new package will be available to purchase from August 21st, 2019 at 9am AEST via the Shore Excursions tab in your Cruise Planner and only available to the first 180 guests. Be sure to set your clocks and get in quick – Once it is sold out, there will be no additions made.

This VIP experience is USD$60 per person, per day. 

To access your Cruise Planner, please click here or visit www.royalcaribbean.com.au/cruiseplanner.
Once you are in the Cruise Planner, click “Reserve Now” and click on ‘Shore Excursions’

*The price is in $USD – the package must be purchased for the whole length of the cruise. You will be provided with entry to the Aurora Theatre before general admission guests 15 minutes early (45 minutes before showtime).

Please find below some questions asked by our guests regarding the VIP Package Experience. Please read these carefully before considering the package to see if it is a suitable fit for yourself and travelling party before purchasing:


  1. What is the Music Cruise VIP Experience?

    The Music Cruise VIP Experience is new for 2019 and offers priority embarkation & disembarkation, carry-on bag drop off & delivery to your stateroom, exclusive welcome lunch featuring the Chops Grille Menu (11:30am-1:30pm on day 1 only), priority access to the theatre before each show, 1 device VOOM surf & stream package and exclusive a la carte breakfast on day of disembarkation.

  2. How much is the VIP Experience?

    The Music Cruise VIP Experience is USD$60 per person / per day (so a total of USD$420 per person for the 7-night cruise).

  3. When can I purchase the VIP Experience?

    It will be available online through the Cruise Planner from 9am (AEST) on 21 August until 4 days prior to sailing (unless sold out prior).

  4. Can I purchase the VIP Experience on-board?

    No, unfortunately it can only be purchased pre-cruise. As this VIP Package starts from the second you get to the pier for check in, it will need to be purchased before your cruise commences.

  5. How many spaces are available on the Music Cruise VIP Experience?

    There is strictly a maximum of 180 VIP Experience places available and once it is sold out, it is sold out. No more space will be released.

  6. If I don’t purchase the Music Cruise VIP Experience, will there still be good seats available?

    There will still be plenty of great seats available for guests who don’t purchase the VIP Experience. VIP seating accounts for approx. 10% of all capacity in the theatre per show.

  7. Do all guests in the stateroom need to purchase the package?

    No, not all guests in the stateroom need to purchase the package as each item is included on an individual basis so it is important to note that if you are travelling with other guests they won’t receive any of the VIP Experience inclusions unless they have also purchased the VIP Experience.

  8. How will VIP Experience guests be identified and Day 1?

    VIP Check-in will be from 11am. On arrival at the pier, please proceed to the VIP Experience desk outside the terminal near luggage drop. Here you will be given your VIP Experience wrist band which is to stay on for the duration of the cruise. This will identify you as a VIP Experience guest for any Aurora Theatre concerts. After receiving your wrist band, you will then be directed to the VIP Experience Check-In desk inside the terminal. Once you board the ship, please make your way directly to the main dining room on deck 4 for your VIP Experience Chops Grille Lunch. Lunch will be served 11:30am – 1:30pm so please ensure you have checked in, so you don’t miss it! Beverages at lunch will be charged on an individual basis against your SeaPass card unless you have purchased any beverage package and inclusions as per your package will apply.

  9. How do I tag my hand luggage for VIP Delivery to your stateroom?

    Please print off a duplicate luggage tag when you do your online check-in to attach to your hand luggage. Please take this hand luggage through security in the terminal and to your VIP Experience lunch. At lunch, your hand luggage will be delivered to your stateroom for you.

  10. How will seating in the Aurora Theatre work?

    VIP Experience seating in the theatre can be used for any performance in the Aurora Theatre where you are still required to show either your green or purple SeaPass card. Please note that you can only attend your assigned show (green or purple card – not both). This includes all matinee and evening performances.

    As a VIP Experience Guest, you will need to meet outside the theatre on deck 6, port side (left side) 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the show. The doors will then open to all remaining guests 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the show. The front rows of the lower centre section in the Aurora Theatre will be blocked off for VIP Experience guests and if not utilised 10 minutes before starting time, all remaining seats in this blocked off section will then be open to all guests. No other seats outside of this section will be reserved so if there are other seats you would prefer to sit in to make your VIP Experience, please ensure you are at the meeting spot 45 minutes prior to the show starting and before the main doors open as all other seats will be available to ALL sailing guests. Most importantly, there is NO RESERVING OF SEATS in this section for non-VIP experience guests

  11. How will I get my Surf & Stream Internet Code?

    Your 1 device surf & stream internet code will be given to you at check-in with your SeaPass card.

  12. Can I cancel the package after I have purchased it?

    The package can be cancelled up to 4 days before sailing. The VIP Experience begins from your arrival at the terminal it will be non-refundable after this time.

  13. How will passengers in wheelchairs be accommodated if they purchase the VIP Package?

    You will need to purchase VIP package to get the same early entry but please note the Aurora Theatre is not equipped for wheelchair access at the front of the theatre so you will either need to be in the wheelchair bay located at the level 5 entryway or find a suitable and safe area on level 6 to watch the show from.

  14. Will the VIP area be roped off after general guests have entered the Aurora Theatre?

    Yes, the area at the front of the venue which is reserved for VIP Passengers will be roped off and carefully monitored by on board security. It will however become open to regular guests 10 minutes before showtime. If there are any spare seats in this area during this time, they will become available to anyone wanting to sit there. Be sure to visit the bathroom or the bar before this time so you don’t lose your seat!

  15. What area of the Aurora Theatre will be roped exclusively off for VIP Guests?

    The middle section of the first number of rows in the theatre will be roped off and reserved for VIP Passengers. When entering the theatre early, VIP guests will have the opportunity to seat wherever they like in the theatre before general admission is opened, however the front is all that will be reserved once passengers start coming in.

    Please note, regular passengers will still have access to the front rows, but only on the sides as the middle will be reserved for VIP passengers. The number of rows that will be reserved is to be advised, depending on your show ticket and number of VIP guests in each sitting.

  16. Will regular passengers still be able to dance at the front of the stage during the shows?

    Yes – we do not want to stop our passengers from having a good time on board!! Please keep this in mind when purchasing the VIP package, if you do not want anyone standing up next to you at the show, please consider picking a seat somewhere else in the theatre to avoid any obscured views during the concerts.
    If you have a VIP Package and would like to join in on the fun and get up for the shows, you will have access at the front, centre part of the stage.

  17. Will VIP passengers have early access to bar service once in the theatre?

    Of course! There will be staff ready and waiting to take your orders once you enter the theatre 45 minutes before show time.

Terms & Conditions: The Music Cruise VIP Experience is valid for 1 guest only and all inclusions of the VIP Package are valid for the purchaser only and can’t be shared between guests. The VIP Music Cruise Experience is non transferrable to any other guest in case of no-show or cancellation. The package is purchased as a whole, and no refund will be given for unused inclusions. 

By Caitlin Manov

I am the Project Manager for Choose Your Cruise, and have been working for CYC since 2011! I have since had over 250 days at sea and love working in such a diverse work environment that combines music and travel. I also love to write, and you may even catch me around the ship interviewing some of your favourite acts on board. If you have a question you would like me to ask them, you can email me caitlin@chooseyourcruise.com.au for the hard hitting questions!!
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